Duty to Manage



Asbestos Duty to Manage Reg 4 / Compliance

This course is from £650 + VAT for up to 12 people  and it lasts for between three and four hours.

Course Brief

You will find this course invaluable in giving your staff the tools to enable your business to carry out its duties in respect of asbestos legislation and compliance. Principal contractors and local government departments are becoming aware that many of their subcontractors are not fully aware of the implications of possible prosecution due to a lack of asbestos management within their businesses; this course will help to reassure both you and your clients.

Your organisation needs to manage asbestos to ensure the safety of all affected by your work. This course will show you how to do this in a practical way to reassure all concerned.

As a former compliance officer for one of the top five construction companies in the UK, Dean Platt delivers bespoke courses to the building maintenance and construction sector, as well as local authorities. The vast majority of incidents and exposures occur due to the lack of understanding at the senior level.

Our course is targeted at:

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Directors of Contractors Who Deliver a Service to Principal Contractors
  • Local Authorities
  • Building Refurbishment Managers

Course Content

The course includes asbestos awareness but focuses on compliance and how to minimise the effect asbestos has on your business. Feedback is always positive from the attendees as they feel the information within the course with help to minimise the possibility of prosecution and promote their business as one which places asbestos compliance high on their agenda.

Lasting between 3 and 4 hours, the course covers:

  • Introduction to Asbestos
  • Awareness and Training Requirements for Staff and Contractors
  • HSG264: The Surveyors Guide
  • Understanding Asbestos Surveys
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Asbestos Legislation
  • Surveyor Training and Accreditation
  • Survey Planning
  • Managing Asbestos in Buildings

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